Air Plasma

Plasma (read more), ionised gas, is the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid and gas.

The sun, the aurora and lightning are all natural examples, while plasma technologies include advanced silicon etching machines, space propulsion systems and nuclear fusion reactors.

“Cold atmospheric plasma” or CAP (read more) is generated at atmospheric pressure and close to room temperature. It produces antimicrobial, bioactive and chemical effects, and has been intensely studied over several decades in the fields of “plasma medicine” and “plasma agriculture”. A key and consistent finding has been the crucial role of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species.

Many applications of plasma-generated RONS have been proposed, from wound healing and cancer therapies, to accelerated seed germination and water treatment.

Recognising the limitations of existing devices for practical, precise and reliable RONS delivery, we developed our Air Plasma platform from the ground up – to deliver specific RONS at known concentrations, easily, effectively, safely and sustainably.

Technology 1

Ozone - O3

Ozone (O3) is best-known as an absorber of harmful ultraviolet radiation in the upper atmosphere “ozone layer”.

It is a powerful oxidizing agent with chemical uses, able to break down odour molecules and other organic compounds in air and waste water.

Ozone has been used for decades in water disinfection, and increasingly in other related applications. It can quickly disinfect temperature-sensitive targets, without the shadowing effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Our Air Plasma technology generates high concentrations of ozone to treat small, enclosed, air-tight volumes – maximising effects where they are needed, while minimising the total amount of ozone produced and plasma power requirements. Residual ozone can be scrubbed from the air exhaust before ambient release.

ModuNOx™ OEM solutions and NOxLab™ R&D products allowed a rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic with OXONOX – delivering automatic, continuous ozone disinfection of escalator handrails in busy public spaces, replacing manual cleaning and single-use biocides.

Technology 2

Nitric Oxide - NO

Nitric oxide (NO) has been called a “miracle molecule” by scientists. The discovery of its role in dilation of blood vessels led to a Nobel Prize in 1998 (read more).

NO-related biochemical pathways have been discovered in humans, animals, plants, fungi and even bacteria – suggesting evolutionarily ancient origins.

Applications of NO are best known in the healthcare & wellbeing space (read more). NO underpins the sildenafil mechanism (systemic vasodilation), and is used widely today to treat respiratory diseases and in cardiac surgery. It is also the basis of some commonly available sports and nutritional supplements.

Elsewhere, there is ongoing research into agricultural applications, using NO to stimulate seed germination, accelerate plant growth and harden plants to challenging growth conditions, among other topics.

Our ModuNOx™ OEM solutions and NOxLab™ R&D products make NO more accessible and controllable than ever before – delivering a step-change in capability and convenience over traditional compressed gas cylinders and chemical donors.

Technology 3

Nitrogen Dioxide - NO2

Most well-known as an air pollutant produced from internal combustion engines, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is responsible for smog and acid rain, and associated effects on respiratory health in urban areas.

However, under the right controlled circumstances, NO2 can be used safely for beneficial ends.

It is a strong oxidiser and chemical radical, with current applications including nitrate fertiliser production and rocket propellant.

It is also being increasingly adopted for low temperature medical device sterilisation, where it offers safety and sustainability advantages over traditional sterilants such as ethylene oxide.

Current research on NO2 spans diverse topics such as environmental science, public health, agricultural science and sterilisation, including in remote areas.

Our ModuNOx™ OEM solutions and NOxLab™ R&D products can deliver stable and precise concentrations of NO2 if desired. Alternatively, if higher-purity ozone or nitric oxide production is preferable, we can detune from NO2 modes and supply scrubbers to minimise it.

Technology 4