NOxLab™: Air Plasma Ozone, NOx, RONS Generators for R&D

Our NOxLab™ R&D Products package ModuNOx™ components (see OEM Solutions) into fully-integrated, user-friendly lab equipment – for accelerated research and innovation in: ozone, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, reactive oxygen species (ROS), reactive nitrogen species (RNS), free radicals, redox biology, Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP), plasma-activated water/other liquids…

The antimicrobial, bioactive and chemical effects of NOxLab™ (incorporating ModuNOx™) have been independently-verified in academic, corporate and national laboratories – see Case Studies.

R&D Products 1

The RONS outputs of different NOxLab™ configurations have been characterised by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL), through its Measurement for Recovery (M4R) and Innovate UK’s Analysis for Innovators (A4I) programmes – these data and additional calibrations are available on request: Contact Us


Download NPL Report Preview

R&D Products 2Example of capabilities - different RONS concentrations and purities are available. Original data from NPL.

We offer a range of RONS outputs and purities, as well as user interface, gas delivery and sensor accessories.

Contact Us with your requirements – we can work with you to deliver the RONS you need.

Examples of assay interfaces developed for laboratory users.

Why ModuNOx™ vs other sources of RONS? 


Our Four Pillars:NOxLab™ RONS GeneratorChemical NOx donors & drugsCompressed NOx gas
1 EasyUser-friendly design. Portable. No special storage requirements. Automated delivery of gas. Rapid setup. Low to no maintenance.Light-, temperature- and oxygen-sensitive liquids, prone to spoiling. Skill- and time-intensive preparation. Recurring costs.Special storage, maintenance and handling measures. Large and heavy cylinders. Slow setup. Manual use only. Recurring costs.
2 EffectiveHighly repeatable, calibrated gas-phase RONS, ~0-500 ppm range. Dynamically programmable.Challenging to consistently dose in liquid phase. Fixed NOx decay profile. Prone to manual error.Shelf-life-limited calibration. Fixed NOx concentration per cylinder (or complex dilution).
3 SafeNo storage hazards. Robustly tested. Interlocks.Some chemicals and/or by-products are toxic.High pressure cylinder hazards of handling, leaks.
4 SustainableIn-situ RONS from air and electricity. We strive to reduce and recycle parts and packaging.Uses the industrial chemicals supply chain. Single-use products and packaging.Gas bottled from industrial chemical sources. Heavy packaging, frequent shipping.
+ real-world translation with OEM SolutionsGas-phase, made on demand, unlimited RONS: relevant to many real-world use cases. Easily and quickly translate laboratory findings into products & processes, using ModuNOx™.Real-world use is restricted by lack of control over NOx & by-products, storage sensitivity and liquid-phase. NOx-releasing compounds take years-decades and huge resources to develop.Real-world use is severely limited by compressed gas supply chain logistics, high prices and complex end user needs – including storage, usability, training, maintenance and safety controls.