Our Mission

Make the biochemical benefits of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species (RONS) accessible – anywhere, anytime – with just air and electricity.

Our Story

Before Fourth State, we designed plasma thrusters for space propulsion, working on the next generation of small satellites at the Surrey Space Centre.

Inspired by research in plasma medicine and agriculture, but dissatisfied with existing approaches, we realised we could apply our space engineering skills to challenges on Earth.

Since launching in 2013, we’ve optimised our Air Plasma platform for simple, precise and reliable RONS delivery – working with our partner network to verify antimicrobial, bioactive and chemical performance.

Today, NOxLab™ R&D products are used around the world, as an alternative to compressed gas cylinders and chemical donors – helping researchers push the boundaries of RONS applications and deepen our understanding of living systems.

And during the COVID-19 pandemic, ModuNOx™ OEM solutions enabled automatic, continuous surface disinfection with ozone – replacing manual cleaning & single-use biocides.

What comes next is up to you! Work with us to make a healthier and greener world.

Want to know more?
Our Four Pillars Offer

We’re here for businesses and researchers wanting to:

Know: use RONS precisely for research or chemistry

Clean: combat AMR pathogens, biofilms and viruses

Treat: improve patient health outcomes and wellbeing

Grow: increase process yields, quality and efficiency

Fourth State Pillar Logo

We offer OEM solutions and R&D products that are:

Easy: user-friendly, highly-automated, modular, portable

Effective: precise, robust, broad-capability, value-for-money

Safe: risk-managed, rigorously-tested, shielded, interlocked

Sustainable: long-life, serviceable, decentralised, low-material

Investment & Licensing

Contact us for investment and patent licensing opportunities.

In addition to ModuNOx™ Air Plasma chemistry technology, we can offer a thermal argon plasma generator for minimally invasive aesthetic skin resurfacing / skin tightening, dermatology or electrosurgery. This technology has been developed to system prototype stage and initially validated with several leading Harley Street plastic surgeons. It is protected by a global patent portfolio and offers scope for capital equipment sale/rental and key consumable revenue models. Seeking partners for product/clinical development and commercialisation.

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